New Zealand’s specialist Stonerock services

At Surface Solutions, our concrete decorative flooring options can help you create a number of distinctive looks with your flooring. One Stonerock product can help to transform your floors to imitate a number of stone and rock features. We offer an endless number of patterns and designs to meet your needs.

A few of the most common Stonerock patterns include:

  • Old English 
  • Slate 
  • Country Rubble 
  • West Coast 
  • Alexandra 
  • Sandstone

The benefits of stonerock

Our Stonerock product are highly versatile and can be adapted to meet your individual needs. The product has the ability to be applied both indoors and outdoors, and can be used for both wall and floor coverings. Stonerock can adapt to a number of materials, and is suitable to be applied on concrete block work, fibrelite, concrete panels, gib as well as particle boards. 

Stonerock products are lightweight, and are trowelled onsite, allowing you to create individual patterns with no repetition or visible joins. This also means that the finished product will look harmonious and completely natural in its surroundings.

Our Surface Solution Stonerock products are manufactured in New Zealand, for New Zealanders, and undergo a number of vigourous tests to ensure their high quality.

stonerock surface solutions

The process

When you call us to arrange your Stonerock service, a Surface Solutions will visit you onsite and provide you with a no obligation free quote. We will discuss your options and plan on how to achieve the vision that you have for your property. One distinct advantage of the Surface Solutions Stonerock product is that is you have any photographs of stonework that you like, we will be create a custom pattern to match your vision.

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